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Preserving the past for the future at Pioneer Park

The business and purpose of the Ferndale Heritage Society is to educate the community on the history of Whatcom County, promote Pioneer Park and tourism in Ferndale, WA, and bring together those people interested in preserving history and maintaining the log cabins and collections at Pioneer Park.

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Spring Fashion Show

 FashionShow 300pxA full “100 years of fashions” show was held in 2016 at the newly remodeled Pioneer Pavilion. It was a fund raiser to buy needed 6’ round tables that would be used for future rentals in the Pavilion. A 100 years of wedding dresses were also on display. This was an exclusive fashion show from the private collection of Louise Sager. There are no current plans for a full on show in 2018.

Personalized Fashion Shows by Request Only, contact Louise Sager at 360-384-3693

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